Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 1: Blog a Day in April? Sounds like an April Fool's Day Joke...

So...Twitter reached out to me yesterday. There was a post to sign up for a blog challenge. The challenge: Blog each day in April. "I can do this," I thought with no belief in myself what so ever. I mean there was a little set back when I couldn't even fill out the join form because I couldn't recall my blog name, nor locate it. But after numerous searches in Google (who didn't even add it to my search results, but did add a lot of PRIVATE info I would have preferred to leave PRIVATE--Thanks for NOTHING Google!), and some road blocks on our school blocked system, I found it and joined.

I'm here...blogging instead of showering as that's what this procrastinator does A LOT. Waits until the last minute.

I'm also ask for help. I want to change my blog...customize it, but I get lost in the settings and have a hard time getting it to do what I want, not what it wants.

I also want it to be easier to find (obviously, since even I couldn't find it!)

So help me out peeps and help me stay on time as the clock waits for no one :)

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