Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 14: Why I Teach

Today was one of those days when the only quiet time I got was in the bathroom. Seriously, I was wondering if there was a full moon? Early donut day? Give every kinder coffee day?

It didn't help that my para was TESL practicum didn't show...and the light bulb broke out of the socket of the chicken lamp...(early chick death, anyone?)

Whatever it was, the class was on fire. There was no inside voice to be found. I mulled about all morning with an, I don't want to be here mindset. Why am I here? and Is Starbucks still hiring? was bouncing about my brain. It didn't help when several kiddos asked if it was lunch time...and it was 1030.

During math, I went to use my doc cam and knocked over my Pepsi across my plan book. So much for the inspiration to make my desk smaller (mid day it resembles tornado alley).

And then it was rest time...the glorious time when, hopefully, kiddos are resting and writing books. When the 15 minutes was up a little guy wandered up, "I have something for you, Ms. Foley."

A little guy who struggled the first few weeks adjusting to life in a new class, who used to melt if he didn't finish in time, and look at him...beaming with pride.

This is why I teach friends, this is why... not for the pay, or lack thereof, or the summers off, but the impact I make on precious lives...even on the days I cannot hear myself think :)

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