Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Best Break Ever

I am sitting on my chaise lounge, next to the fire, writing this blog. Drooly cat has just figured out my location via some advanced form of cat ESP, and my Christmas cards are done. Well, to clarify, they are being done somewhere, far away, but the point is I actually got the order done this year!

I wane between a Type A and a Type there a type C? Answer thanks to Google: There is indeed, and actually a D too, but neither are me. Since you asked, C's are detail oriented and not assertive. D's are plain depressed all the time. Seriously, it looks like whomever made up that personality scale was definitely going off a report card. Looking back, who made the A's? People stressed, competitive, and/or geeks who liked school (before you chastise me for that, know that was me). B's are less competitive, but still achievers. They can be major procrastinators. (That's me now. I no longer care about the A. I just want it done...typically at 11:58 pm PST.) Who was that in school? The kids bright AND social. A good mix., So mark me a B+.

What does this have to do with break?

I am happy...
               over the moon thrilled that I never made it in to my classroom over the last 4 days.

To be honest...I was there once...for 20 minutes to feed the fish...and then I left and I was joyful!

Only because I was mindful and gave all of the break to me....(and my daughter). I believe it's partially due to that Type B personality. I felt no need to run in and do things I am sure do not matter to the kiddos. They need good teaching and materials with fun thrown in. I own this.



Enjoyed an AWESOME Thanksgiving with my sister and parents. I love to laugh until I cry and it always happens when we gather for a family meal (Watch out for the cardboard, Christine! Megan, are you really staring at yourself in the mirror while talking to me? Mom, did you really say that? One more rendition of Jessie's girl please!)

Ate all the leftovers, twice, the next day. I would have eaten them 4 days in a row if I had more. I could live on Spinach Rice Casserole, rolls, and gravy.

Cleaned and organized Sierra's room removing one full bag of non-essentials (I told her it was trash). It made her, and I, both happier. She played in that room, actually finding things, for the next three days.

Took Si out for black Friday at noon (which in our town, means going to the store) followed up by her favorite place in the whole world, Carl's Jr. (Note to McDonalds: removing your playground was not a good idea. CJ gets all the kids now.)

Wrote 3 times on my blog, 3 times!! That's more than I've managed in the last 3 months.

Ordered online for black Friday, scoring things I really wanted, without leaving the couch.

Dressed Si up to see Santa and visited him, free of charge, leaving with a killer picture that adorns my Christmas card (no long line and saved $50 this year!)

I cleaned out Sierra's collection of clothes and shoes that rival Barbie's. Letting things go that we didn't need.

Hung up our own Christmas lights and brought in the tree.

And let's not leave out one of the best things this break....a daughter sleeping in her own bed! I'm excited to get real sleep, even if I am freezing as she took my electric blanket...I better get online. Maybe Cyber Monday has a sale on them...


Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Are You Thankful For?

In the past I did one of those challenges where I posted something I was thankful for each day in November. I didn't do it this year, feeling some pressure from those who think it is annoying. However, I cannot over emphasize the need for mindfulness...the ability to step back and think about what is happening.

On my wall hangs canvas art that states, "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful..."

And that is so true. If you wait for life to be perfect to be wonderful, I'm pretty sure you will be waiting a very, very long time.

Many times we can get focused on the negative so much so that we miss the obvious day to day joys in life like:

*the giggle when my daughter is having immense fun
*the purring cat who thinks I'm the bomb
*the niece who actually thinks I'm cool enough to be around
*the beauty of a star filled sky on a crisp night, a orange moon rising, a beautiful sunset
*the feeling of the sand under your feet at the beach
*the joy you feel when you haven't ran out of money mid-month
* a student telling you they love you
*talking to a friend and laughing uncontrollably
*the feeling of a warm fire
*helping others
*baby chickens

Cherish the little things...its better that way...

How Do You Know if You Make a Difference?

I write, A LOT, in my head...I just don't always have time to write it down, or in today's way, blog it.

I have had so many inspirational moments this last week that shout out, "Pick me! Pick me!" for which I truly plan to enact, only to be won over by sleep. Which, by the way, is not going well according to FitBit. I swore last night was a little better amount of sleep...than the night before but FitBit yet again proved me wrong, citing that I was only truly asleep for 4 hours with 17 restless cycles. Seriously?? Seriously??? I really need better sleep, but I digress...

I had a parent share a post to my Facebook that made my day. It showed, in a real, concrete way, that I do make a difference in my students lives.

We like to think we make a difference, we hope, sometimes we even pray, but we don't always know the end result. Feedback is not just for students, but imperative for teachers too. Although this example should have you chuckling...I do teach kindergarten. :)

Sorry for the sideways video...I attempted...many get it into an editing program to no avail. I seriously need a computer tutor. Apply within :)