Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 19: Tech in the Classroom--Should We? Or as I call it, "Are You Kidding Me?"

I have always be fascinated by all things techie. I may never work for Microsoft, but send me to a tech conference and I get as geeky as they come.

So, it's hard for me to understand the reasons teachers fail to embrace technology.

I teach in a small district and so technology has been one of those things looming on the edge, never attainable. My first year I was excited to have an antiquated computer for student use. I was given a projector to use, you know, with was 2008. To me, that was bizarre.

Did I know the latest inventions I was missing? No. But I knew there had to be better out there and I wanted it for the students. I knew that if I found it interesting, they would too, and it would be part of the world they grew up into.

Fast forward to 2015. Thank the Lord the old, roll the cart out, get out your transparencies from 1992, projector went away. I now have a doc cam/projector. I gave up the student computers (even though I had a whole 2 now) because they reminded me to much of dial up Internet (Wait, wait, wait some more, no, I'm sure it's going to load soon...).

Some K teachers at another school had attained some Kindles from parent group funds and my motivation was lit. We ended up with 6 for my class and the students were beyond excited. The Kindle center was one of our regular D5 rotations and they couldn't wait each day. They were beyond excited to do math with Team Umizoomi, and phonics skills with Dora the Explorer to name a few. It was engaging, it was fun, it was a game in their mind. This wasn't boring, "learning" they were, "playing."

I understand the complexities of screen time usage and kids...I understand the fears some teachers have that the kiddos will be exposed too soon. However, it's already happening. Computer programming, in all its capacities, is the wave that will take us into the future. By sheltering our students from it, thinking we are doing them a favor, we are instead putting them at a disadvantage.

Signed, Mom of incoming Kindergartner

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