Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 10: What Haven't I Tried that I Wish I Could?

So it's Friday night and I just got paid...scratch that...I'm a teacher...I only get paid once a month.

However, it is Friday night and it's time to catch up my past due posts.

What haven't I tried that I wish I could: Coding. Yes, geeky, wannabe techy me wants to teach coding to my kinders.

I just attended the NCCE in Portland, Oregon, (completely AWESOME BTW) where I attended seminars and workshops on coding with programs like Scratch, Tynker, and Alice. I wish so badly to implement this in my class but I don't know that I want to attempt it in a computer lab setting. I am wishing I had more technology for the classroom besides the 2 working Kindles and 1 working tablet. I want so much to take kids to the next level and yet I feel so stuck in implementation. So much to do, so little time.

Dear Bill Gates,

Please send me 6 iPads for my totally awesome kindergarteners to use so we can learn coding. They deserve it. Living in the country should not be a detriment to learning.


Constantly Poor Kindergarten Teacher

That should do it ;)

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