Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 7: You Really Don't Deserve this Top 10 Student Teacher Award...

OMG. I am behind by 5 days on this April, blog a day challenge, but who's counting...oh that's right. It's me. That person who cannot just jump forward but just spent 2 hours composing the day 5 post. Note to self: it's a blog, not a college class.

Moving something that doesn't throw me into flashbacks of coursework and editing dilemma's.

And yet its about college. Oh the irony.

I was finishing student teaching when I found out I was receiving an award for being a, "Top 10 Student Teacher."

I was thrilled...

My field supervisor was not...

She said, "Well...even though I had others that were stronger have the teaching AND the you get it."

I felt so...worthy. I still can't believe the field supervisor just had to share that info. Apparently it peeved her that someone else didn't get it, and I did.

I was mentioning this story to another field supervisor, just out of happenstance, and she said, "you really should be proud of that. It wasn't just the GPA. That was only a small portion. It was truly your teaching too and what your mentor teacher saw and had to say."

It's been 10 years since I graduated college (late bloomer), the memory far from my mind, yet hearing that made my week. I was deserving. I did earn it. It is something to be proud of.

Thank you, Mrs. Saxton, for seeing a student teacher that deserved recognition...for championing for me at a time when I had doubt. And thank you field supervisor for taking the time to let me know that I was deserving of the award and earned it. You didn't have to, but by taking the time, and connecting with me, you made a world of difference.

And with that...I plan to see how I can pay it forward...

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