Wednesday, May 4, 2016

All Aboard the Grumpy Train!

Maybe it's the late night working on my National Boards
Or the amount of times I heard, "No. I don't want to" yesterday

It could be my swollen, painful ankle caused by nothing
Or the amount of time I've wasted this week trying to solve my own problems 

Possibly it's the inability to find my tribe
Or maybe, just maybe, it's because the goat ate the tiny tree seedlings I was growing....

But I definitely have a one way ticket on the Grumpy Train today.
I realized it when I work up at 530 yet failed to get out of the bed until 630. 

It happens.

I'm usually a positive person. I espouse the good of Mindfulness and zest for life on most days.
 But today, today I'm grumpy.

How do you get over your grumpy days?

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