Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Room With a View- NCCE18

I am gazing out of my window at the beautiful city of Seattle, my Chromebook resting on the remodeled windowsill of the Sheraton Hotel, which is the perfect spot to park my CB and still enjoy the lights... I am a big fan of neon at night. I am curled on a new chaise could be described as hard as a rock, and yet it is still comfy, maybe firm would describe it best. My roommate is quietly snoring away as I end to the exhausting day that started at 4 am.

I have already learned from 3 amazing teachers today: Jeff Utecht, Conn McQuinn, and Sylvia Duckworth during 5 awesome sessions. I have come away with amazing learning already (on just the first day!) and ran into some fantastic members of my PLN. We met for dinner tonight and talked about the ability of Twitter to bring us all together, to form a group of former strangers, now friends, who can collaborate and help one another. We talked about our joys and pains in education, including the inability to reach other teachers on the importance of Twitter.

Those of us here at NCCE, those of us in the trenches know the benefits of Twitter and how important the camaraderie is to our typical silos. But many do not. They see it as one more hoop.

I am excited for tomorrow. I am also excited about the carrot cake at the Cheesecake Factory sitting opposite my window. And the ability to create more memories with fellow learners.

I only wish more had the opportunity to enjoy this...the conference, the connections, the 30 escalator rides a day. If I do bring them in the future I will advise them...bring your computer, as it is a TECH conference, and also your magnifying glass. The program is damn near microscopic!