Thursday, November 26, 2015

How Do You Know if You Make a Difference?

I write, A LOT, in my head...I just don't always have time to write it down, or in today's way, blog it.

I have had so many inspirational moments this last week that shout out, "Pick me! Pick me!" for which I truly plan to enact, only to be won over by sleep. Which, by the way, is not going well according to FitBit. I swore last night was a little better amount of sleep...than the night before but FitBit yet again proved me wrong, citing that I was only truly asleep for 4 hours with 17 restless cycles. Seriously?? Seriously??? I really need better sleep, but I digress...

I had a parent share a post to my Facebook that made my day. It showed, in a real, concrete way, that I do make a difference in my students lives.

We like to think we make a difference, we hope, sometimes we even pray, but we don't always know the end result. Feedback is not just for students, but imperative for teachers too. Although this example should have you chuckling...I do teach kindergarten. :)

Sorry for the sideways video...I attempted...many get it into an editing program to no avail. I seriously need a computer tutor. Apply within :)

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