Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

My principal is always talking about moving the cheese. Maybe you are familiar with the story? I'm more in the party of the "I moved your cheese."

It's all about change and the inability, or refusal, of some to accept it.

I'll admit, change is hard. I'd love to move somewhere warmer, but you don't see me packing my bag...yet.

Yet, I am more than willing to shuffle my cheese for the students. It's something we do (or should do) on a daily basis. Try X, reframe, change it, try again for a better result.

I was thinking of my upcoming K kiddos when I realized I was really missing last years class, you know, the ones already trained?

For those of you unfamiliar in the newly discovered dwarf planet, it's called kindergarten, and it indeed exists. It's the only place where you experience the inexperience of kiddos first hand as you attempt to teach them how to drink water from a fountain, how to use the bathroom with the door closed, and how to help them understand you truly do see them digging for gold even if their hand is in front of their nose.

Then it hit about a video for my students showing some major fundamentals in my class. A video that could be referred to over and over if need be.

It was hard, seeing my face on the video, getting past the, "I'm an utter dork" phase to see the point and purpose. It's not how I look that matters, it's getting across the important parts of classroom survival.

I uploaded the video Friday night and got many positive comments.

Even though half the folders were still missing from the cubbies, I didn't think about the video this morning. But later, when I asked if anyone saw it, about 50% of the class raised their hand.

As the day came to a close I stood there, feeling successful. After a hard first 3 days of wrangling kittens, during which I questioned my ability to manage, teach, or otherwise be in the same room as kinders, I felt calm...eerily calm for the 4th day of K.

I moved the cheese and it felt great.

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