Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Seesaw:Online Digital Portfolios ROCK!

I do not work for Seesaw, nor am I paid for singing their praises. In actuality, I do it because I    love it.

I learned about Seesaw from a training at #NCCE2016 provided by Heather Marrs. I actually attended her session
Needed to volunteer & got the hardest job for an introvert...
by chance.

I didn't pick it. I didn't even know what seesaw was, other than a toy from my school days.
NCCE had a preliminary meet and greet and I attended. I immediately regretted it (sorry NCCE). 
I felt like I had just went through a time portal back to junior high, to a dance in the gym, and I was the wallflower...still. None of the major players were there (were they at the cooler party?) was dull. As I admired the bamboo snack trays I started chatting with Heather, which, quite honestly, was out of this introverts comfort range so I am not sure why I did it. However, that said, I believe in things that happen by chance, yet were destined to be:   


I found what I didn't know I was looking for: Seesaw.

Heather invited us to attend her session and we learned via hands-on engagement. We were hooked. 

Fast forward 2 years and I just finished my 5th peer presentation on #Seesaw...hoping to instill the love I found, in others. 

There is definitely a digital divide in education. It's clearly diagrammed here by
 Joanna Tovar Barnes on her #WATeachLead blog

Seesaw can easily make your experience a 4. 

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