Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dear President Elect: It's time to clean it up.

You don't know me. Call me stranger 10 million. Oddly, a high school friend of mine met you at a friend's birthday party and recently posted the pic she had taken. So it's kind like 8 degrees of Donald Trump, but not really.

I've amassed an extensive collection of family history and there's one quote that has always stuck with me over the years. Extended family in Utah remarked, "Don't throw a rock, you might hit a relative." It's partially funny, because it's based on the small town nature of Utah, and the constant intermarriage of many a neighbor. You could, literally, hit a relative. However, it's premise rings true: we should treat others as if they are our brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins. You get the picture.

My friend commented how nice you are in person. That the presumed apocalypse to come is highly unlikely. I hope she's right, I'm not as worried about the apocalypse, I know who is my King, but I am worried for my kids. And that's why I want to say it's time to raise the bar and clean it up.

You see I teach...kindergarten. I am the beginning of their adventure in learning and each year I gain 20 or so kids, not students, because once they cross that threshold we have relationships akin to families. I am their part time mom, in addition to their teacher, and for some I can be the only stability in their lives. So when someone hurts my kids, I don't take it lightly.

I had several kids show up the day after the election worried they would be deported. DEPORTED for God's sake. These are kids from mixed families who ARE citizens and should have absolutely no reason to have this on their mind. They should be enthralled with our unit on spiders. They should be overly excited about what game will be played at recess. They should be naive, carefree, and enjoying a youth that goes much too fast in our society. They should not be coming to me with huge, soulful eyes that speak volumes of their worry. They shouldn't have to worry about what will happen to them because of an election. They shouldn't have to fear their heritage.

I wish you could have been there the day they approached me...full of fear and fright...not comprehending that it was an election, not a death sentence.

I canceled the rest of my lessons on voting. I will not bring up a subject likely to bring emotional turmoil to 5  year olds. FIVE YEAR OLDS. So I say step forward boldly, own your words, repent, and make it right. Let them know that draining the swamp doesn't mean shipping them somewhere. because we were all immigrants at one point. My Irish ancestors faced with starvation left Ireland. My Danish ancestors, converted in their country, came as LDS members. My German great grandfather resided in a Baltimore orphanage before being raised by an uncle. When WWII hit, all 5 of his sons went to battle the country he was from, because it was the right thing to do, HUMANITY was at stake.

Funny thing: I am still worried about humanity.

Today, while working 10 unpaid hours in my classroom, on a legal holiday, because my job entails far more work than 1 can get done in a work day (I invite you to stop by any time if you are up to the challenge, it's not for the faint of heart) I asked my 6 year old daughter what she had heard about the new president.

She said, "I heard he says it's OK to grab girls by the vagina." Oh, HELL no.

Let that marinate a bit with you. Imagine your daughter coming home and saying that to you. Would you be livid? You should be. People say things to be funny or to fit in that later bite them back. And some just say how they feel without caring how it impacts others because those "others" aren't important to them. Irregardless, you cannot be any of those people anymore. You have stepped up to a place where those traits should not be. You need to tell the masses that being hurtful to others, based on skin color, lifestyle, or gender is not OK.   Making "America Great Again" needs to start with KINDNESS. Set the example, tow the line, because no one gets out of the swamp without it.

Sincerely, a flabbergasted mom

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