Monday, March 21, 2016

The NCCE Conference: How to Know You Don't Travel Enough

I'm so lucky to be writing you from the 26th floor of the Sheraton in Seattle! I am attending my second #NCCE conference. Last year it was in Portland, Oregon. I made some great new friends and learned a lot, so I planned to go again as soon as it ended!

It's a good thing...because it is completely apparent that I do not travel enough to keep my big city schema up to date! Here are 6 ways I know.

1. When I entered the elevator, and pushed the button for my floor, it wouldn't work. The next guy that came in slid his room key into a slot and then pushed the button. Oh, is that how that works.

2. I didn't realize the hotel had more than one tower and therefore more than one set of elevators. Whoops!

3. When I talked to my daughter, I said I was at the "motel" as in Motel 6. LOL Big difference between a motel and a hotel!

3. Every time I left the conference center, I went any direction besides the right one.

4. I was blown away by everything in Leslie Fisher's sessions. Apparently, I have been living under a rock.

5. I suggested we go to Target so we could watch the escalator for carts.

6. At the conference center I got in an elevator and panicked when floor 4 was not an option. I still don't know where that elevator was going. I stuck to stairs...

Thank you NCCE for another EPIC conference!

I met several new friends, meet several Twitter friends in real time, had an awesome team bonding during the scavenger hunt, and broadened my knowledge base on Seesaw, Twitter, Evernote, and Augmented Reality. I came home way cooler.

See you in Portland next year! Maybe I can work again answering questions I didn't know the answers for (it was actually a lot of fun!).

*Disclaimer: Yes, I was having too much fun at the conference to finish the blog post. It's just about a month late. :)

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